First in the March 1 Primary


Early Voting: May 16 – May 20

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Shelley Barineau is a constitutional conservative, a small business owner, an attorney, and a community leader.  A proud patriot and native Texan, Shelley will defend our conservative Texas values and fight back against the radical progressive agenda.

As a successful small business owner and 18-year Republican Precinct Chair, Shelley has the experience and courage to lead on the issues that matter most to West Houston families:

Reforming the State's Bail System

Funding the Police and Fighting Crime

Securing the Border

Protecting Human Life

Defending the 2nd Amendment

Improving Public Schools

Banning Critical Race Theory

Protecting Small Business

Safeguarding Elections

Cutting Property Taxes

Eliminating Mandates and Lockdowns

Shelley and her husband, Newt, run a successful small business specializing in preserving and managing affordable multifamily housing properties.  They have four children, two dogs, and are long-time members of St. Francis Episcopal Church.

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“Our conservative Texas values and common sense are under attack. I’m committed to defending the Constitution and restoring our conservative principles. The well-being of our community and the future of our children and grandchildren depend on it.”

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